MX4 - Apps Push Notification delay or dead!!

Flyme Version of my MX4 is 4.5.6A (Andorid 5.0.1)

Guys, This is about MX4, I have been using this as my secondary device for sometime and I’m seeing a serious problem for a while. I don’t know whether other MX4 users using the similar problem. So the problem is all about the push notifications from the third party applications like Whatsapp, Viber, Kik, Hike Messenger, Yahoo Messenger etc gets delayed when the phone is connected to WiFi.

  • When the phone screen is ON or if I’m not allowing the phone to go to an sleep mode the notifications are pretty to quick.
  • When the phone goes to a sleep mode, I still get notifications with a time difference of less than 2 mins from sleep mode
  • But sometimes when the phone is idle and if there is any whatsapp message or any push notifications it won’t alert, unless I unlock the phone open that particular app
  • Under the permission settings I even gave the access to Auto Start for those apps, but the problem remains the same

Since the time I bought this phone, I see this problem. Thought it might by be a bug on the software initially. But even after many updates the problem remains the same. So I thought I will ask you guys if there is a fix around. Please HELP!!

You could try to set the permissions in the security app. Don’t know whether this will help, but I don’t experience the same issues on 4.5.6 (MX3). But maybe it is because my phone is not with 50% of the time.

Meizu MX4

@tonio5454 Same issue here, its the freaking stock launcher. Now with Hola launcher and notification is aok.

Same problem here with MX5, Flyme U android 5.0.1.

@williamtan2020 Are you sure is this something to do with Meizu launcher? I was wondering this must be a bug from the WiFi settings or something. Anyway, let me try your idea of having a third party launcher. But this problem is so annoying as this is something a basic feature a phone needs to have and I don’t understand how Meizu can just sit quiet seeing this problem.

@velja_no OMG, looks like this is a wide problem with almost all the models of Meizu. Is there a way I can report this bug to Meizu?


@tonio5454 I can’t remember exactly but there must be a bug-report thing in Flyme 4.5, find it and write a bug report.
But don’t get your hopes up, this problem got ignored by Meizu for probably a year or longer by now. They just don’t give a fuck.

@Ultrametric Thats quiet sad they not giving priority on a basic functionality. I can’t understand their marketing strategy. I love meizu devices and I just couldn’t ignore this device coz of the build quality and specs. Anyways I will try to push more on the existing bug report and see anything good will happen. I will keep digging.


@tonio5454 I am not sure if Meizu understands their own marketing strategy. Or if they actually have one.

I managed how to fix problem. First of all problem is with SECURITY app that comes with device. You need to give all permissions to the all apps you want to be notified about. Than you need to access power management in the same app SECURITY and go too app management and give there permissions to the app you want to be notified about. Then restart your phone and that’s it.

Everything is in SECURITY app.

Best regards to all

@velja_no Thanks for your suggestions, I followed it and now it looks like the notifications got better than before. But still somewhere inside the lock is happening and it stops notification. And I noticed one strange thing is that this delay is happening only through WiFi, when I’m connected to Data Network, the notification just working fine. No delay at all. Are you seeing the same problem?

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