Preinstalled malware, help?

I recently purchased an Meizu M2 note.

At first, the phone was fine, but then I began having issues with it. The phone came with loads of unnecessary Chinese apps and whenever I use the browser on my phone it redirects me to random websites that I don’t want to visit. I downloaded an antivirus on my phone and it said that 3 apps were unsafe - Browser, Meizu game frame, Mzaccount - it wouldn’t allow me to uninstall these apps though because they were preinstalled on the phone.
I don’t know what to do, any help? I assume the phone has a virus on it but I have no idea how to remove it.

Well, you can try to install new or re-install the firmware with clear data. Manual is in the FAQ: I don’t know where you bought it, please could you share it so others could be aware of it?

Yes, Kokkie is right, install the newest firmware available. You probably bought a modified ROM versions and you are only beginning to see trouble.

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