Meizu MX4 hard brick without fastboot


I just want to know if something exist for this type of brick, because if something exist I’m going to take my phone back.

PS : When I launch the fastboot mode it writes “fastboot mode …” and nothing.

Thanks a lot if someone can help me


Well, can you get into the Meizu recovery? You can enter it with at boot with holding the buttons Vol+ and Power together. If you cannot boot into the Meizu recovery, than you are screwed. You hard bricked your device and it is useless.

Well, i don’t think you are without chances. The fastboot text at the end of the screen shows that fastboot is normally working. Just when with fastboot at the end of the screen, connect your phone to the pc. Install these adb/fastboot drivers

Than download patched-recovery from here

flash it with fastboot mode, in cmd prompt write: fastboot flash recovery <filename.img>

reboot the phone by holding vol+up + home. Now you shall be to the meizu recovery screen. Connect your phone to the PC, a new storage drive will appear connected. This is the recovery storage. Prepare the patched from the official, by following this manual.

The new patched containing the patched uboot.img, copy it to the recovery drive, and update from it. Also pls delete the This will make sure that when flashing the new the stock unpatched recovery will not be flashed.

I have nearly the same problem with my mx5…do you have an instruction for it too?? THX


@Speeus you have fastboot on your MX5? How did you do that?

No. You have misunderstood me or I did not express myself well… My MX5 is stuck in bootscreen after i’ve tried to folow the instructions to flash the phone to the International rom. All I can do ist press up and power to get the little “=>Fastboot mode” on my screen. When I try to turn the phone on normally, the flyme logo shows up for hours but nothing else happens.

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@Speeus So with Fastboot mode you mean the stock recovery?

This is great news, just install a full upate from the stock recovery and you are fine again.

What do i have to do to update the phone from the stock android?
Can you maybe give me a little guide? I feel very dumb now… ;)


@Speeus Have a look at the FAQ, link is in my signature.

Just try to copy the on your phone and then install it from the Stock Recovery, if this works you are fine.

Ok so thanks for your answers but when I plug my phone on my pc it’s not detected like a device ( I can’t look photos etc ), but he’s detected just like a “android device” in the “gestionary device” ( sorry I don’t know the name in english ), and I can’t put files in my phone.

Oh and I forget, I haven’t my phone, it is at the repairer, I got it in one or two week I think, the repairer failed so now he returns my phone back, so I just need to wait.

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@gdeliana Mate you are great! I’ve managed to flash recovery image. But one thing I cant’t do is deleting the file you mentioned. Where is the and how and can I find it?

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Hello, i have similar problem whith my Meizu Mx4. Suddenly the phone stopped. Now is not turning on. Volume up +power off does not make nothing. Any suggestions ?


@poolonik If your phone suddenly stops without you manipulating it or flashing things on it.

It’s simply broken.

Yes, it stoped suddenly . Even is the screen is black but connected the pc in control panel/ network adapters appears as the "Alcatel interface ". However somewat work on himcontrol panel.jpg
I understand that the phone is dead and there is nothing to do?

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