Flyme OS test firmware (MX5)


  • FIX: before and after the restart the power transition issues.
  • FIX: After the cloud backup is complete, local backup and recovery operations prompt “while cloud backup, you can not do this” problem
    Optimization: Update boot animation clip.

Mobile butler

  • Rights management: access rights management - setting, open “cutting each other to start the application” switch, wake each behavior tracking applications, a key force off wakeup path.


  • Plugin: New 4 * 1 independent weather widget, press the desktop can choose to add.


  • Optimization: Optimization of multi-task switching animation and slide fluency.
  • Optimization: Adjustment notification icon display.
  • Optimization: Modify the calculation method of multitasking in the proportion of the remaining memory.
  • FIX: When you delete a multitasking cards, other cards do not show a problem.
  • Fix: Even now some locking applications from accidental deletion problem Close all tasks.
  • Fix: Problems Even now ineffective notification bar flashlight switch.

Lock screen

  • Optimization: Adjustment lock screen text color effect.
  • FIX: lower part of the scenario is not charging icon display problems.


  • FIX: Call History list does not save unknown numbers of call records issue.
  • FIX: Active press the power button off the screen when an incoming call, the other party is not on the screen after the call hang up the question again.

Set up

  • FIX: Click conditioning systems and notification volume bar, the volume bar position even now hopping issue.


  • FIX: Clear online music cached offline radio playback failure issues.


  • FIX: Cache TV series episodes all even now flash back problems.
  • Fix: play other video and then cached video playback, video playback is a problem.


  • Repair: Repair gallery slide image thumbnail list, returned gallery flash back problems.
  • FIX: Cloud Album video thumbnail does not display the play button issue.

Domestic services

  • Fixed: the issue of access by selecting the package list can not pay the payment page.


  • Optimization: Optimization Reviews impressions and clicks jump effect.
  • Optimization: adjust picture size Home Articles.
  • FIX: Home slide after data gaps when loading long time problem.



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Hi there. I’m from Malaysia. I have an issue with the MX5. I wont be able to access facebook with my data but no problem with wifi. Seems like the site is blocked through the phone. Any method to fix this?


@caaron is it related to this firmware?
If yes, then you can only downgrade or try another reinstall with clear data.

@AOKP, I will try to downgrade to the international version and see if the problem still persist.
Thanks for the advice.

Is there any way to disable the notification bar when someone’s calling me?I want to make it full screen as it was in the previous firmware

I tried to change my current firmware with this one, but the phone says firmware corupt
What I did:

  • copied file to the root folder ot the phone.
  • chose upgrade form Document app and clear user data
  • the phone restarts it self and started upgrade of the firmware, but after did the check of the firmware it says - Firmware corupt

If i did something wrong? May be the procedure of changing i with A version of the firmware is defferent?

My Phone is the international version of Meizu MX5

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Meizu MX5

Redownload and check hash file…
I would of thought I could update straight from previous beta, but strangely I cannot

@Sutty86 yes you can,i upgraded yday

Meizu MX5

@SeaMoose can’t mate says my version is the latest the September beta

@Sutty86 nah bro,download the file from meizufans,put it on ur phone and open it from file explorer. it also wouldnt let me upgrade from the app so i have to do it manually.
weirdly enough the battery usage is all over the freaking place…50% with 50 min of on screen time and like 30-40m of listening music

Meizu MX5

Ha think I’ll stay on this beta than I’m pretty happy with this build

how to instal it on my mx5
nt rooted my mx5

Fast charging sometimes no work phone no charge all night come to 43% and stop.
I am going back to

File corrupted, downloaded few times, prefer stay on!

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