Flyme OS stable (MX5)


  • Optimization: in some cases even crash problem now Caton.
  • FIX: After the lock screen Wi-Fi disconnect problems.
  • FIX: USB charging connection failure fingerprint to unlock problem.
  • FIX: When the lock screen to adjust the volume, media volume can only gradual adjustment problems.
  • Fix: fast charge slowdowns problem.
  • Repair: insert a nonstandard charger, the problem is not charging icon.
  • FIX: computing power at low temperatures wrong questions.

Security center

  • Align wake: the power saving mode - add “smart alignment wake” switch settings, the freedom to choose whether to align wake.
  • FIX: continuously receive traffic information on a number of issues after the restart the phone.
  • FIX: Applications are not commonly used to clean up the application number of days allowed to question.
  • Fix: Traffic Management Dual Card title and set the main interface SIM card interface problems name is not added.

Audio frequency

  • FIX: third-party video player even now serious noise problem.
  • Fix: Hang up the phone sound probabilistic problem Caton.
  • FIX: TouchPal telephone calls over the Internet, you can not adjust the volume of the issue.


  • FIX: very few models can not switch the front camera problem.

Wallpaper: New wallpaper download history module, go to “my” - Wallpaper - not on the device to view wallpaper download history.


  • Fix: Now Playing screen, tap to enter the editing song information, even now flash back problems.

Find the phone

  • Fix: Check “changing the card number is sent,” flight mode switch or switching data network will automatically send SMS problems.
  • Fix: exit the camera application open quenching screen, send pictures instruction, turn on the camera has been prompted “Unable to connect to camera” problem.

Download Manager

  • Fix: remove the download from the notification bar at the failure of the file, download the file again appear in the notification bar problem.


  • Fix: some pages appear on the page after opening the source code issue.
  • Repair: Some cached page forward and back, it will enter the problem generated blank pages for no reason.


  • Animation: Animation rainy weather Optimization.


  • FIX: After you rename Photos modification time will not change the problem.
  • FIX: Switching filter / parameters in the editing screen, click the bottom bar, the switching process will Caton problem.

Domestic services

  • Optimization: businesses buy list interface Tab transitions.


  • FIX: Calendar invited recovered state failed synchronization issues.



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Tried for 2 hours , battery drain is enormous compared to the new flyme 5 beta version.
I do like this version more than the beta but battery is deal breaker for me

Hi diogodinis
You can downgrade without problem ?

Does it solve the issue with notifications on wifi?

does anyone experience a bug on security - power - (the page where it shows you the apps) ?


  1. disable the apps and exit the page
  2. revisit the page and re-enable the app.
  3. scroll up and down away from the app that you just enabled.

the bug is where that app will be disabled just by navigating away from it.

please let me know if you experience the same issue and/or you have solution.

tried and no luck :

  • reflash and wipe data

Notice it says Whatsapp on Line icon

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I had exactly the same problem, but then I upgraded to flyme 5 version, and there everthing work just fine.

mind sharing which one do you upgrade it to ?

@AOKP yup . as i always do . the difference is huge, not something you would notice from a few days of use. i noticed in the next hour from the fresh install

can i update it to indian verson mx5

I’ve upgraded it to flyme ver. I think the securitiy app is much better on flyme 5 (I don’t have any notification delaying any more), and battery last longer than before.

having the exact same problem with the security center… will upgrade to 5 Beta now

Thanks AOKP.
Can we install firmware I by clicking “update” from firmware A ?

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