MX4 digitizer issue

Hi guys!
I cracked my digitizer and today I’ve replaced lcd+digitizer, and everything works well, but home button doesn’t work… anyone had the same issue?
I forgot to add, that button is not lighten up…

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Check the “wires” maybe. Could be the case you accidentally touched/moved a cable without noticing it.

Well, looks like a not proper connected or a damaged cable. The light comes from the small board at the bottom, it is not built into the screen.

Thanks for your feedback!
Well which wire/cable you mean?
I think this cable is the only one digitizer cable(see pic).
I know that pic shows MX4Pro display :) and ofc i mounted MX4 in my phone ;)

P.S. 2
Sometimes home button is indicating notifications(I’ve just observed it).

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@Kokkie is there any connection between main board and this small board?
I mean wire, I can’t see any…

Well, I mean the “cable” that is behind the battery. You can see it in the picture where the battery is mentioned in the following link.

I hope that I am clear BTW, if not, just ask, but sometimes you will have to wait for a reply.

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ye, ye it’s clear but wire seems to be connected well…
do you know where can I buy this wire?

and what is strage for me that, home button is flashing to indicate notification, but is not lighten up when screen is unlocked

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So I did factory reset then I flashed my meizu by Flyme OS 4.5.6I.
And the lightening of home button is OK, but meizu still doesn’t go to the main screen after pressing.

The connector is build of several wires, so maybe just one is damaged leaving you with some trouble. To buy a new one:

You can also buy a new bottom board if you want to.

Hey M8t, i had exactly the same problem. first of all it was a pain in the ass to get that display our in the first place, as it was glued to the frame. but anyway, my homebutton didnt work as well. again i dissasamlbed, cleaned everything up like a nice guy and put it back together with care. it works now fine. I LOVE MEIZU! So dont always think you parts are broken. the homebutton is integrated into to digitizer and it should work just as fine if you got a new komponent… if you have any questions, im keen to give you skype advice! regards bro regards… :)


@FeigeDattel* I think i fount it in the settings… dopnt bother and sorry :dancer:

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