OK gentlemen I am really having issues with my WiFi modes both the newly implemented WiFi DirectAccess (adhoc mode) by Microsoft and, the tethering have not worked since previous versions of Flyme (currently on Flyme 5 *.29A).

For the adhoc I have compromised with Zapya to transfer files straight from MX5 to Windows Tablet. This is fine but not such a big issue, however not implementing Flyme to do it natively bugs me because that’s more disk space wasted shows Flyme limitations for unknown ‘office reasons’ even though people exist there.

Tethering is a nightmare; both wireless and USB with limited connectivity, so the whole functionality becomes redundant. Unless someone has work around, also given that 3G/4G isn’t supported enough on MX5(yet)… If anyone has a workaround of tethering hit us up here.