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Hi everyone,
First time posting here, I really hope you guys can help me out.
The problem I have with my M2 (using the latest build) is that messages from any messaging or email app are not automatically received, for example from Hangouts and Gmail.
The biggest mystery is that when I open the Google sync field (under Accounts), I can see that the Google services are not automatically synced. When I tap to perform a sync there, I get the ‘no network’ message that you can see in the attached screenshot.
Of course, the network is on, both wifi and mobile networks are fully functional, but the error message is still shown. The funny part is that I can still manually synchronise the services even though the error message is still there.
As I’ve read about several possible solutions to this lack of push messages and notifications, I’ve tried freezing the Security Center, clearing caches, factory resets, installing only a 64-bit version of Google Services while freezing the App Center, locking the apps in the Recent Apps area, etc.
Nothing seems to work. I even flashed the firmware again, no luck.
Does anyone have any idea on how to get the thing working? I love the phone, but this issue is really making me sell it after just 2 days of using it.!
Meizu M2 _sync issue.jpg

I forgot to say that I also set up the Security Center to allow the apps to run in the background and when idle. Guys, help me if you can, please.

Try with AutoSync Account Activator from Google Play store, and define your syncung policies in AAA.

@zgfg Thank you. The Activator is a workaround tool and although it works quite alright, it’s not a long-term solution. Can we somehow contact Meizu directly and urge them to make their devices compatible with all and any wireless networks?
I learned last night that this issue has everything to do with Meizu’s devices not accepting IPv6 addresses from routers, and this should be rectified by Meizu.
This M2 mini of mine is the first device I’ve ever owned that has any wifi-related problem.
I tested my phone all day today, and it works and syncs perfectly with my mobile internet on, and also on my office wifi network. But there are still many routers in the world that don’t like requests for IPv6 addresses.
Meizu, if you’re reading this, fix the problem once and for all!

This post is deleted!

@zgfg Yes, Security Center may be a part of the problem, but I can’t really explain why the phone syncs perfectly on my office wifi(s) but doesn’t sync on my home wifi.
It must have something to do with the routers as well, although I still can’t figure out what it might be.
A very weird situation, but the issue is, in each case, caused by Meizu software (firmware) because this never happened on any other phones I owned, and I owned a lot of smartphones.
I hope someone from Meizu is reading this, but I doubt it.
I already sent them a couple of emails describing the problem, but I don’t think the person in Customer Support was really willing to pass the information on to their software engineers.

Just an update on the previous posts.
I have managed to get push notifications to work - and it has nothing to do with Security Center.
If you’re having this problem, the only thing you should do is open/access your wifi router’s settings from your computer (ask around or google on how to do this) and switch off IPv6 routing.
Further on, allow the router to automatically choose channels (instead of setting a specific channel, e.g. 11).
Reboot the router and that’s it.
I hope this helps.

Frankly speaking, I have always IPv6 switched off on my home router (no need for, less complications, less troubles, etc.)
Also, I always let it automatically choose channels (to let it avoid interference with the neighboring WLANs).

Problem with such WWLAN AP settings could probably be for people whom WLAN AP was set-up by default, by their ISP provider.

This is an official reply from MEIZU regards the same issue.

Dear Tom,

Thank you for writing to us.
We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Since you have installed the latest firmware, we suggest that you wait patiently and hope our next firmware will resolve your problem.

We apologize again for the trouble and have a nice day.
Best Regards,

MEIZU Customer Service Representative
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