I'm having problems sending and receiving text messages.

I’m currently on Flyme v 4.5.4 a. I had my phone rooted as well. I had many problems so far with this phone. It started out with the unstable WiFi, then the mobile data didn’t, and now texting isn’t working anymore. I was able to fix the first two problems, but the texting is the biggest hurdle. I did a factory reset to see if text would work again, but it didn’t and instead just made it worse. Since I rooted my phone Google installer won’t fully install because it detected that the device was rooted. So no more Google playstore for me. Now I need to fix the texting problem and I need to find a way to unroot the phone so Google installer will work again.

Do you guys have any suggestions?


Simply reinstall the firmware as shown in our F.A.Q…

P.S.: No clear data is required to remove root access.

ive noticed this may be an old thread but ive had the same problem, only app ive found that works well is Hangouts, just log in and set the SMS up then delete the addidional accounts and it will work well as the main messaging app, i only use one sim though so not sure how it handles dual


hello. my experience is with 4.5.3A, 4.5.3I, (all on A version phone). I’m using 2 SIMs, so I install ed Chomp SMS (many visual options, and nice support of 2 SIMs) and use root + “uninstaller pro” to “froze” default SMS app + set Chopm like default in settings. on all firmwares works without any debts. Important is to say, that I’ve never used default flyme SMS app (so I don’t know if problems appear or not before).

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