flyme UI doubts and whatsapp problem

Hi guys!
I have 3 thinks can not resolve:,

1- can I have that notification numbers when I receive messages or missed calls (bottom right corner)

2- can I change the effect from sliding the screens, like 3d, cube, etc, when I say screen I mean the home screens

3- I have installed whatsapp but it did not push the contacts from my contacts, the contacts on whatsapp are empty, but I have contactes that are associated to a Google account.

Thanks a lot

The problem point 3 is solved, the whatsapp already make the import of the contacts. I installed and old version of whatsapp then update in Google store.

Anybody can help me in point 1 and 2.

Uh, you completely overhauled your screen to stock android? How did you get the blue status bar?

@Kokkie I am sorry, that snapshot is not from a meizu m2, that is another mobile, it was an exemple for what i wanto to mine, the circular number 2 in red in the right bottom icon “chat”. How can i get that kind of notification in the meizu m2 (flyme)

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