No more Meizu for me ?

Hmm from what i read at the frontpage and also taking out language support from Flyme for chinese devices, i will not buy a new Meizu phone again.
The company is still acting very stupid after all thouse years.

Kinda sad the MX3 is a really good device.

I might stick with Xiaomi in the future, even thought they also have zero support.


Meizu is seemingly entering the global market (and therefore “offering” support - or that’s what they purposely make it look like) while Xiaomi isn’t completely in the western market either - but at least they’re going forward in it. Their current statement is “We’re ready for the global market” and that’s what it really looks like - they for example have a global character already (Hugo Barra) which Meizu is missing completely. From what I got to learn about Meizu behind the scenes, this is no surprise - I don’t think any western person would want to stand in front of the media with a fake smile hiding all Meizu’s mess behind. The change must begin from within Meizu. Crossing my fingers I hope Meizu gets their things sorted - which I honestly think won’t ever happen. :pray: I’m a little afraid Meizu’s time is over - even before it began. Still curious and full of hope I’m patiently waiting for their next move and who knows - a miracle. :smile: :zzz:

About the devices, being honest at the very moment a Xiaomi is a better investment than a Meizu device - unless you get a significant discount of the Meizu retail price. Meizu’s devices used to be unbeatable at the era of the MX but todays situation is a whole new ball game. Currently I am a Xiaomi daily-driver user myself but as already said - still curious, I’m going to take a look at the PRO 5 one day myself.

My respect @MeizuAndi for stating your opinion in public. I hope the message reaches Meizu - and there’s no other way helping that than spreading the message just as you did. Not only talking about your message (or post) - but the overall message that they must get their things fixed before a company-consumer trust (or relationship, in the first place) can be established into the western world again.

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Hey Samanen,

thanks for the kind words.
Actually i dont have a problem with posting negative even in fan forums.
I always liked Meizu and thought with the MX3 they finally got there things kinda ready. It was looking good.

I did check here lately once more to see if there are any more news about Meizu.
In Germany you dont see that much news about em. I found that article of the HD50 quite interesting and wanted to order em.
I did check that Meizu store on but they dont offer any sells anymore it seems.

I cant buy Meizu phones here locally, the best option might be to get any support.
A lot Meizu items i need to import from china anyway.

I still use the MX3 and i think i will untill it breaks.

I cant tell how the MX4 and Pro is/was but from what i readed here they got issues with power and flyme.

MX5 now i guess flyme is still some issue. The software kinda always was some issue. Sometimes more sometimes less.

I want good sound quality in a smartphone and Meizu seem to offer that with the pro line. Then again Xiaomi also have at least one phone out that seem to offer the same.

I also dont like that they look to similar to apple products. Do they really need that ? To me they look ugly.

Meizu could have had a big role in sound quality smartphones and flyme, but they throw away that chance.

Such devices for 200-300€ with good support and stores ( or in ) locally, would have been a bomb back then.

They had some fame back then with the MP3 players but failed to build up on that with the phones.

Nowadays you can get decent smartphones for low money,

Who knows how Meizu will do in future, i dont get my hopes high up for em if they take steps back instead of forward.


@MeizuAndi It’s really annoying to know that Meizu could be great.
And just fails hard because it’s run by lazy stupid asses.

Meizu is pretty big in China, yet Xiaomi is bigger. The small Xiaomi, the newcomer over took Meizu without trouble, not even that made Meizu change the course. I think it’s hopeless.

Yeah pretty much sad. Actually they bring out extra hardware like router and on ear headphones.
They seem to try copy Xiaomi now, while xiaomi is mostly only an investor that let other companys build stuff for them.

So 2 Years later i still use that MX3 with old firmware, even thought i could upgrade to a newer version.
But if i do that i will loose Dirac HD Audio support and maybe german language support.

I did buy the Meizu HD50 Headphones that are really nice and the EP 51 BT Sport headphones that are ok.
Lately i use a lot Xiaomi smart home things like the gateway and devices for it, IP Cam, Yeelights, air purifier, power sockets, air meisure device and still that old Redmi Note LTE that still gets updates and with global rom multi language support.

Xiaomi now also local starts stores and what is Meizu doin ? Nothing it seems, the fall back more and more.
Oh hey they offer a smart watch now, checked the price on 170€. Nah i think the Mi Band 2 for 20€ is a better "smart watch" that also offers more interaction with my Xiaomi products then the Meizu smartwatch with Meizu products.

When i look at the Meizu phones, i really dont like the design. Also this home button fingerprint sensor is a step back from the nicely done MX3 without physical home button.

Who knows when the battery will be bad on my MX3, but when the time comes i still dont think to buy a Meizu phone again.
I will support em on Hifi products even thought they seem to brand OEM hardware with the BT Speaker.

Sad they had so many chances to get big but missed em.

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