random network loss

Since i had my mx4 pro more and more people complain that is impossible reach me. it says that my phone turned off. sometimes i too cant call ( no beeping when calling someone). restart usually helps, but it’s practically useless phone if people cant call to me… Is there anything i can do to fix it ? Sim card is new. Tried ##4636##, LTE/GSM cant be set. it stay on unknown. if i set 4g only i cant call and no1 can call to me.

You set 4G as prefered, but do you have 4G coverage on the specific 4G bands?

yeah i do get 4g coverage. i can use 4g internet to browse websites, but i guess calls are based on 3g. firmware - 4.5.5 I

i didn’t notice any patterns when i lose connection. it also shows at least 4 bars of network strength, but connection isnt there.

Meizu MX4 Pro

I have the same problem and still unsolved. Since i bought i use it in only gsm band, it lets me connect internet only 2g. If i turn on 3g or 4g nobody calls me and lost internet. I have posted my issue also. Do you have any problem with imei no or serial no ?

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