Lags after upgrade

Yesterday I have downloaded upgrade from official web to version Flyme OS 4.5.5I then installled this.
My phone behaves very strange after that. I have noticed when I work with phone very great and disturbing lags in normal use. Of course I immediately have checked about consumption RAM - that was a normal level, next I have checked junk files and apps - the same situation like RAM, so…I have dicided to factory data reset. Now I have a pure smartphone but lags not stopped when I have a few applications in background my Meizu no deal with it. I don’t know if fault is from update side or model of my meizu, he has about 9 mounths so… this is old telephone :cry: . Please help me with this.

Did you run the upgrade with clear data on? I see that you did a factory reset later, so that is why I am asking.

I was quite optimistic about this mx 4 especially with high scores on antutu, but was quite dis-satisfied with the actual performance it re-draws a lot and has lags here and there… Currently on 5.5.6, is the kitkat rom any better?

@Kramnod yes it is, I recommend going back to kitkat, I had major RAM issues with LP firmware.

Meizu MX4

Hi I’m a new user with week old MX4. Just updated to LP and its a crawl. RAM left 300MB, wonder how much RAM left I had not upgraded. Also battery sucks in KK as well as LP. Cant last 8 hrs. How to do a downgrade and factory reset. Help pls. (now on 4.5.6l)

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