has been plagued by pop-up advertisements
Meizu MX4

I do not know whether it is an succesfull attack of some group of hackers, but this site is plagued by pop-up advertisements, so usage of this site/forum is compromised, well, it is basically unusable.

Usage of this kind of obtrusive advertisement will greatly harm the reputation you gain in this forum, dear founders, and will push people to use an adblock to remove those ads.

As a result, it will harm only the honest users that do not use adblock to let you earn some money…

Popups belongs to the last century, do not use them and we will disable our adblocks, or be prepared for the exodus.

Meizu MX4

btw… " Therefore you’ll see 2 popunders for 24h. " I saw 8 crazy sh*$y ads for casinos, betting and semiporn sites and other bulls*$€ in 10 minutes so far… well… guys… ts ts ts.

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I will come back to you ASAP. Will have a small discussion the team and admin.

Update: The admin decided to disable them, it might take a little while, so please wait some time.

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First of all relax.

It is not possible to compromisse this site in any way, due to high security limitations.
And our popunders may not contain any viruses, this is guaranteed from our provider as well.

The reason you are seeing that much adverts is related to your browser, I guess you run it in privacy mode?
At least it was for me the case that popunders showed up more than once, if I was visiting Meizufans anonymously.

However, I am sorry for the inconvenience and have disabled all ads on the forum now.

Please get back to me ASAP if you have any other issue related to the ads!

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For me there were also many popups and after some of them I couldnt even go back the site didnt allowed me to leave it … (This was this morning with chrome in the normal mode)


@mx4pro fine - this is unacceptable. The popups will have to leave then.

I rather lose money than members.

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Im ok with a bit advertisment on the Website thats no Problem for me only those nasty popups with those Dialogue boxes and when the phone vibrates are really annoying :( but I know the Server Costs also have to be payed…


@mx4pro no, no. I removed them now. I will see if there is a chance to place our current ads “more effectively” without disturbing the overall usage.

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