Security Center doesn't allow push notifications

Hi guys!
I’m running flyme and I think that there is a major bug with the Security Center.
WhatsApp even though it’s set to be allowed to use everything and never shut down, doesn’t get push notifications.
In order to get my new messages I have to open the app and only then the messages appear…
I froze Security Center and everything seems to be working the last 30 minutes…

Anyone facing similar problems? What’s your solution?

Is there any clear problem with the phone when Security Center is frozen?

Thanks in advance!

Do you have any other apps installed that might kill apps? Energy saving apps or something?

Did you try clearing the apps cache and relaunch it?

No other app that kills apps is installed… Nor energy apps…

I didn’t try to clear its cache and relaunch it… I will try later tonight…
But what does this mean with its cache data problem? That it may happen again in the future and that I might have to clear the cache manually? Weird isn’t it? And the only way to realize that I need to clear its cache is to realize that I didn’t get a message on time… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes clearing cache works when you have problems with apps. Not receiving messages on whatsapp is a well known problem, but I’m not really familiar yet with Flyme, I have more experience with MIUI (Xiaomi).

Is there a specific reason for you to use the (U) firmware? Otherwise I can recommend installing (A) firmware.

You might check if whatsapp has auto-start enabled.

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Autostart is enabled, yes…
I use the U firmware because the device came with it. It seems that the A devices face the same problem judging from various forums around…

When you say it’s a well known problem you mean with Flyme or generally with android?

It might be worthwile to try the (A) firmware. I booted in recovery, did a wipe (which didnt finish completely I think) and flashed (A) rom. In my case the (U) rom from the supplier was completely messed up with bloatware and spyware.

I mean that it is a general problem you read a lot about on forums, not only Flyme. Some MIUI users have the same problem.

How to freeze Security?


@velja_no Why would you want to freeze the Security-Center? If you really are serious about this, use google and you find many easy ways on how to freeze an app.

It’s very questionable if it’s a smart move to freeze/disable a system application. But that’s for you to find out.

Hi guys,

same issue here. It’s ridiculous, no push notifications for whatsapp and viber! How do I freeze or uninstall the idiotic security center?

Any alternative solution?

(I’m on the international A firmware, Meizu m2 with firmware)

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@Vic-Hristov It’s an old very well known bug that is super fucking annoying! Either you have the app running in background of you get no notification.

One solution that I heard of is changing the launcher, apparently it’s the Flyme’s launchers fault. (Didn’t try it, so if you are bothered to try it give feedback, please.)

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You suggest trying the new launcher with Security center NOT frozen, right?
Or just generally try?

What I have done so far ( here) is freeze the security center and most of my problems went away… No matter what settings I set the Security Center, the app was freezing and I was missing notifications…
I have to say though that freezing it has improved very much the situation, it’s not flawless… From time to time, I still lose a notification here and there…


@dimxr yes not frozen. I’m not a fan of freezing or removing system apps. You never know what trouble it may bring to mess around with system files.

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OK, I will try, bu first I would like to ask you…
So, you have your push notifications working?
Might I ask what settings you have in the security center in order to have your push notifications working?
And you use the flyme launcher right?


@dimxr read what I wrote before. Viper and Whatsapp work for me as long they are open. So that doesn’t really solve the problem.

Settings I just allowed auto-launch and to run in background, along with the default.

@dimxr you’ve also lock application pressing on icon app on multitasking dock until over appears a lock… In this way, security center doesn’t kill this locked app

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