Hard reset?

How to hard reset M2 Mini whose Flyme was screwed up? Phone was rooted but USB debugging not enabled, hence ‘upgrading’ via ADB is not applicable.

A callegau apparently frost a wrong app or service and phone does no more boot.
I thought, boot into Recovery and hard-reset or ‘update’, but how to enter Recovery?

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

I have a Meizu M1 Note but i think it’s the same,
-Shutdown Your Meizu
-Hold on the power button and the volume up
-when the Meizu logo shows release the Power Button Only (not the Volume)
it should boot in recovery now

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Side note:
Battery level must be 20% or higher, otherwise (yellow triangle) prevents opening Recovery

m1 note

@iChebbi hi, when Im in recorvery - System uprade or I Clear data, how can I get back on system? Thx

There are two button on the bottom, the black on the left to restart and get back to the system and the blue one on the right to start restoration/system upgrade…

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