4G not working properly on KK/LP firmwares


I use Orange 4G, and whenever I start the phone, or after a reboot, even if it’s set to use “4G first”, it shows 3G/H. I have to switch to “3G first”, and then back to “4G first” to get 4G signal. After some time (it might also be related to cellular tower change), from 4G it goes back to 3G and I have to redo the above process. This behavior happens on both 4.5.5I and, so both latest stable KK/LP builds.
Is there anything I can do?

Well, is the 4G signal strong enough? If it is really low, it will switch eventually.

It looks like it’s strong, but even if it isn’t, it should return to 4G while moving, and it doesn’t, at least not as fast as I’d want it to do it (I have to switch manually like I explained above and it will get 4G).

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