China exported - Europe service?

Hi all!
It’s nice to see You here.

I have, a problem with my Meizu MX4 Pro.
I buy my phone from the China reseller and i customize it to my needs.
Few days ago i push my home button to hard I think and my front glass wash shattered.
Furthermore the screen in 1/3 top and bottom don’t response to touch.
I want to fix it.
In my country (Poland) there is no good Meizu service so I need Your help.
Can You recommend service in Europe that can handle with China exported model MX4 Pro?

Thank You up front!

No, probably not. Best thing you could do is buying a new screen on Aliexpress. You can replace it yourself easily if you buy the right components. I advise you to buy the screen+digitizer, although it is only the digitizer that is damaged. Repairing only the digitizer requires a lot more skills.

There are some guides on youtube and ifixit.

Hello, cześć.
I bought my mx4 pro on xiaomi for sale site. Before purchasing I’ve asked them where I could send my phone if it is broken. They wrote me that the service is in Czech Republic. Maybe you can ask them where exactly it is.
Which firmware do you use? Don’t you have any problems with lte? I’m in the Tmobile and don’t have lte working…

LTE problems are mostly due to specific frequency bands that are supported by T-Mobile in your area. Unfortunately Meizu does not support the 800 and 900MHz frequencies, so this might be causing your problems.

Thanks @Kokkie .
I buy screen and replace by myself.

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