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For a few weeks now my home button is causing problems. I factory reset and it works for a bit then stops working. Then I have to factory reset again.

I have it act as back button on touch with vibrate. When it stops working, it does not go back and I don’t get vibrate and finger scanner does not work. Also the notification slide down stops working. Also the ‘active tasks’ stops working ( I.e. Slide up from bottom doesn’t work).

Hope someone can help,

Which firmware?

4.5.6A. Been the same on previous two firmwares

If I restart the mobile, it will work for a few minutes, sometimes a couple of hours

So, this is definitely liked to the Fingerprint scanner. If I switch that off, the phone works absolutely fine.

Any ideas anyone?

Nope I am sorry, if it is linked to the fingerprint scanner, I seriously don’t know. Maybe contact Meizu, but don’t expect them to be really helpfull.

Actually, I found out what the issue was. Very strange ( but my fault!!). So, I thought I was being clever and scanned my right thumb twice, in order for it to increase the percentage it matches the fingerprint. The last time I did this I scanned two different areas of my thumb, this time I think they were too close a match ( as I overlapped a large portion).

Since removing and rescanning, its been working perfectly.

Hope my explanation makes sense.

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