From CM12.1 to Flyme without loosing custom recovery and unlocked bootloader


I’d like to know if someone tried to come back to Flyme after having unlocked BL and installed Flyme ?

Normally, we need to flash a patched stock recovery instead of PhilZ touch then flash an official previously downloaded and this will re-lock BL and reflash a stock recovery right ? Else, if we do an OTA update, this will reflash preloader and recovery then brick the phone no ? Is there any “simple” way to flash an without re-lock BL ?

Thank you ! :D

Meizu MX4

If I recall, you have to remove several files from the and patch the ota update thing…

Yeah I’ve done some experimentations before I bricked my phone :/

Meizu MX4

@furious.builder How did you brick it?

Did you manage to relock your bootloader?

I bricked it due to bad logo.img :/

Meizu MX4

@furious.builder shouldn’t you have fastboot still functioning? You could easily flash a working logo.img

Fully bricked, no Meizu logo, no fastboot, no recovery, nothing :/

Meizu MX4

@furious.builder well preloader mode should be unlocked if bootloader was formerly unlocked, can you enter preloader?

I’m only sure that something is recognized by the computer when I plug it, but it’s disconnected few seconds later, whatever I already bought another motherboard, but if I can unlock the older it could be great

Meizu MX4

@furious.builder preloader can be hard to get working, if it doesn’t stay connected to pc, that means you have to bridge the volume up button to another lead on the motherboard to force constant preloader mode (or adequately install the drivers, nobody really knows how to get preloader mode to stay enabled but physical cable works 100% of the time)

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you can recover your phone via adb. if it is recognized by windows?

Nothing, no adb, no recovery, no fastboot

@furious.builder Windows recognizes the devices.

No, only preloader mode which stay for 3 seconds, SP Flash Tool isn’t working

@furious.builderthat is, let me get better! when you hold vol- with power button. what happens?

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