Stuck on Flyme logo


After update from to 4.2.6A my phone get stuck at flyme logo for few hours. I tried factory reset and reinstalling firmware, nothing changed. What can I do now?

restart your phone into RECOVERY mode, connect device to PC copy update file into recovery folder via PC and intall update in your phone.

Tried, still stuck on logo.

Where did you get the update? Just wondering whether it is a stable or a beta release.

From this forum (stable). Here’s the link. I’m using m1 note. Idk why the topic is here…

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Moved topic to M1 Note Q&A. You were now in the M1 section, that is why I am confused.
Try a downgrade? Maybe that could help and try upgrading again in steps. And clear data on? I assume that booting takes more than half an hour.

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Thank You. Downgrade is not possible from this version ;/ . Clear data didnt give any effect too. Now it’s arround 40 minutes after 3rd reinstall.


It’s working now. I dont know how but it works. Now, I have different problem. My meizu is not recognized by any pc in any mode ( mtp etc. ) I was reading about in different topics but there is no any ideia how to solve this problem. I dont wanna to play with ftp server every time I wanna to transfer pictures or music.

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Dont know how to get it done. Confused!

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