Meizu MX4 Pro

Does somebody know which player flyme uses? On other phones you can go to the developer settings and switch between awesomeplayer and nuplayer… Im trying to get viper4android working since I upgraded my meizu to flyme 4.5.x but It doesnt want to work… Now ive read that you need to activate awesomeplayer…

I tried viper4android but it did not worked for me on flyme 5.

@mx4pro I tried that already.

Doesn’t make a slight bit of difference.
I’ve tried everything, man. Nothing works.
Tried the Awesome Player, setting permissive mode with SElinux Changer, tried making v4a a system app, tried various flashing tools (flashify, FlashGordon and Flashfire) all of which don’t require custom recovery but still didn’t work. Even tried manually placing the files from a .zip for v4a in to their counterpart folders in root/system…

Nothing Google, XDA or random forums suggest work.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@ShadowOfDeth :( im only on flyme 4.5 where this Menu isnt there but thanks anyway. I found out that you acctually dont have to do anything to get v4a working except Busybox. I tried it on another flyme phone (m2 note) and it worked like on any other android phone on which v4a works. I think we have to give up here because every hope is gone. my last thought was that the app is only compatible with Android 5.1 but not 5.0.1 where flyme 4.5 runns on. but it seems that also flyme 5 doesnt support v4a

@mx4pro That’s not it. I’ve read people getting it to work on android M. But to be fair, the vast majority of people having success are either on nexus devices or a device that has a custom recovery to actually flash it.

I have an idea, through. What if we MANUALLY placed all the v4a files in to their corresponding folders in root?

Bellow is a link to my Google Drive with the latest v4a app taken apart to it’s base files. Now if some kind genius could have a look and guide us on how to manually install those to the right folders in root that would be amazing.

I’ve been high and low asking many people online in dozens of forums to no avail. I really believe that there MUST be a way.

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