Updating problems.

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Hi guys!
I tryied to unistall the app “du battery saver” , and others S51003-125319.jpg it seems to be a system since the only button that exist is “force stop” S51003-125553.jpg S51003-125606.jpg

Then after reading all post understood that i have to had root access, to freeze th app… i have tried every thing that i read but as you see on the screenshot the “system previleges” are open (note the phone did not reebot when i access to that menu, and i do not have any sim card installed) .

Then i thought maby is because the firmare it as trouble. So i want to update frmware, but when i try to put the file update.zip it is impossible (screenshot).
What can i do?

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turn off the phone, then turn it on while pressing volume up > bootloader update mode appears > connect the phone to a pc, and copy update.zip to the mass storage device, then choose update

thank you guys, did by the faq option but with the second method.

Now new problem , went to the app store (blue icon) look for the “google play” install it, do not know wicj one to instal to have google store.S51004-044500.jpg
i have tried the third one on screenshot, but it opens a black screen and closes, iam trying the first one. Is it one of them?

Look for Google Installer in the Meizu App market. You cannot install Google Play directly, it won’t work.

To go back a little for someone who read this and need it.

1- when a try to instal the firmware as explain in the f.a.q. only the method 2 worked, and the file was copied to “disk” . because the method one when i click the “update.zip” this is what show upS51003-210056.jpg

2- trying to install google play store, i look for “google play” but it keeps reeboting, i tried the third one on the list

3 - but it seems that i have to search for “google installer”

Thank you for all the help it is downloading, wait to see if works (it slow the download like 10 kb/s ) .

will post if it works,

It work great, after installed “google installer” , run the app that installed the google play.
Then run playstore and responded yes to all question. it did an automatic update to the play services.
And it is work great… :)
long live Meizu…
Thank you all for the help you were wonderfull
big hug

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