How can I setup a corporate email exchange in Flyme?

Hi all,

I’m on on my MX4Pro and want to set up an corporate email exchange.
Can someone tell me how this works on Flyme? I can’t find a way to do that in the account management in the settings.
There’s just POP3 and IMAP.
Is there a different way to do that compared to other Android phones??


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Does nobody have an idea how I can add a corporate email exchange?
The attached pictures show all accounts which i can add in the setting menu.

Well, on FlyMe 4.5 (MX3) I have the options: POP3, IMAP and Exchange. I will not test it, since I use another app.

There is a way to handle thia via an App?
I never used the exchange but now need it. I thought that this only works throught this system-integrated account management!?!?

there are several apps in google play store that could help you.
some of them are free also

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