Dual sim problem

I have a mx5 with u and have problem with sim cards.
I have 2 cards in the phone but can only use one at the time. I can only use the one that I choose for data connection, the other one seems to close down, it’s just the chosen one that got “bars”.
I can’t find what to change.

Well, I don’t exactly know how dual sim works on Meizu phones, so I cannot help you. But I want to advise you to go to A firmware, since U is only for Unicom provider phones.

Thank you,will try that.
Since I living in Sweden, should I try the A or I version?

Does not really matter, probably you cannot install the I version, so try A first.

Just back from holiday in the States and can confirm this too. Needed to have my Irish sim work along with my American Sim but only the Sim card with data selected would work the other just wouldn’t find a network. Lucky I had an old phone as back up as I was sure this wouldn’t work so just had to buy a nano adapter. This phone is turning into a total waste of money with the list of bugs piling up. Really want to love it but the software is handicapping it.

I have not confirmed this but it looks like the phone just redirect between the two sim cards.
Calls coming through but not sms and notifications.

Probably it would be better, if you change the firmware to “A” or “I”.
I found the following information on the xiaomiforsale.com website:

"SIM Card

  1. Both SIM1 and SIM2 support 4G networks. You can choose the data service mode in the Settings; one SIM will be 4G while the other SIM can only use GSM networks.
  2. Dual 4G can be achieved after users install firmware of universal versions."

I am testing now and it looks like it’s working in the same way.
The sim that’s not in data mode say "no service ", SMS is not coming through, there is nothing on the bars and there is a little “x” but calls are coming through.

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I got 2 sims and both are working fine for me,just like data. works fine for each sim.
try enabling data roaming.

@SeaMoose said:

I got 2 sims and both are working fine for me,just like data. works fine for each sim.
try enabling data roaming.

Enabling data roaming makes no difference for me.

I think I’m on to something.
I got my self yet another sim card.
1 and 2 is different company but uses same antennas and frequencies. 3 is another company using other antennas and frequencies.
1 and 2 can for that reason not work at the same time.
Combining 1/2 with 3 works better. When having data on 1/2, sim 3 is working to. But having data on 3, sim 1/2 is NOT working.
I think it must have something with the frequencies to do.

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