MX4 CPU frequency

Hi all,

I have a question about the CPU frequency on my MX4. It supposed to have a quad core 1,7 GHz and a quad core 2,2 GHz CPU.

Right now I see that the CPU which must have a frequency 2,2 GHz only performs at 2,0 GHz.
Does anyone else got this problem?

And the big question… can it be solved so it will run at 2,2 GHz?

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Are you sure that the read out is correctly? So which app are you using and can it get the information from the SoC correctly?

My internet is too slow now to do a quick research, but I will have a look into it.

Well, I have seen it in a few apps. The first one I noticed was Antutu. The firmware I use is 4.5.6A.

Well, what is the read out of the cpu name? Is it a MT6595 or a MT6595m. The m version runs on 2.0GHz.
BTW: You can probably not solve it. Only thing I can do at this moment is check it at my brothers MX4. Maybe it is just app related. (Need a few days before I see him.)

Maybe there is anyone with a MX4 who could run the Antutu test?

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Meizu MX4
Only two A17 can run at 2,2 GHz, during a full load task the four A17 can only run at 2,0 GHz
I think it’s to avoid overheat.

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