Want MX4 pro get Flyme 5 faster? then this topic for you

as i know people somehow not able to use search (cause of laziness and such) so ill post post my topic here also as im MX4 Pro user and i want Flyme 5…

not gonna copy all information from original topic iv made, its all simple.
want your MX4 Pro get Flyme 5 faster? come to this topic and fallow the instructions


i believe this voting is stupid. Of course not from you but from Meizu. Why has to be a voting?
We all are meizu users and we all deserve the same things. Why do they need to put us in such a contest?It’s childish.
If you have developed flyme5 give it to all (at least your latest devices) at the same time.
In my opinion of course…


@alabalas and i totally agree with you here that to decided this by voting is not a right thing to do… cause we all know for example… MX4 pro is expensive device… so of course less people have it than MX4…

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