Flyme 5 on Other Devices

so… Meizu told how they wanna do Flyme 5 Adaptation on other devices…
List of Devices is :
MX4 Pro
M1 Note
M2 Note
and now the main news… they made a Voting Poll… Adaptation plan will be made considering votes… so more votes = faster adaptation…

so… my opinion on that = thats total bullshit…
so far 18,974 people voted.
till the end of votes = 6 days 10h.
after time is up = they will announce Flyme 5 Adaptation Plan.

all that information is here :
Official Topic Translated via Google
Official Topic

if you wanna vote for your device go to original web page -
login with your Flyme account and vote for your device.
thats the results so far

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Meizu m2 note

It’s all Chinese 0.0
Can’t even register

damn I hope the M2 Note would win


@coolsha21 you dont need to register if you own a Flyme account (and im sure you have one cause you using Meizu device lol)
and its easy to vote… just login and click on image of your device… then on blue button. (i dont know Chinese at all but its simple logic how to navigate there)


so… MX4 Pro / MX4 getting Flyme 5 (not sure if its Stable or 1st Beta) in January…


@mx4pro yeah… as i understood it will be Stable version. so Betas we will have early… at least i hope…

@coolsha21 they have no dates for it but it will be updated to Flyme 5 after MX4 Pro / MX4 (so i guess you will get stable version in around 2-3 months after MX4/MX4 Pro will get that update)

Meizu MX4

Around 34000 people voted, what were the scores? Do you have a rough idea?


@oscar8u I will quote for you what @Latstyle posted in a different topic.

Flyme 5 For MX5 beta activity was officially opened on September 25, Flyme 5 For PRO 5 beta will officially begin on November 15.

The second stage: MX4 Pro / MX4
MX4 Pro, MX4 two models the highest percentage of votes in the voting, and were included in the second phase of adaptation models. We have set up a special adaptation team, synchronously opened two models adapted work, in order to ensure adaptation progress. It plans to complete the second phase of adaptation to work in January.

The third stage: Charm Blue note / charm blue note2 / Charm Blue 2 / Charm Blue note2 Telecom Edition / Charm Blue 2 Telecom Edition
After completion of the second phase of adaptation, we will promptly announce the third stage adaptation plan, and synchronized with the sections of the models of adaptation work.

Thank you for the support and look forward to charm friends. Because the difference in the hardware platform and Android version, adapted difficulty different sections of the models of the beta will be slightly different. After the adaptation is complete, timely open beta. Adaptation process, if schedule adjustments, we will promptly announced.

original source -

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Meizu MX4

@Ultrametric Thanks, don’t know how I missed that.


@oscar8u said:

Around 34000 people voted, what were the scores? Do you have a rough idea?

final score

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