M2 mini news app

hi there, im new to the forum and im glad i found it, im just wondering is there any way of deleting the news app that keeps giving notifications, its factory installed so it dosent have an option to uninstall in the app menu, its doing my head in, any info greatly appreciated.

You can set notification settings in the security app. There you can block the app.

thanks for your reply, im having troble finding it, would you have a step by step.

Well from start: Security app -> Permissions -> Notify -> look for apps that you don’t like and turn them off.

im sorrry but that option is not on my phone, its the new m2 mini not the m2 note.

What firmware are you on? You should have security center app in Flyme 4.

Please note that it is not in the Settings menu, it is a separate app!

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android 5.1 flyme version:OS 4.5.3C , security centre permissions notify only shows me my apps that i installed myself, theres only 6 apps to view all the pre installed apps cant be viewed in the security centre

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