automatic power off and sms problem


Problem 1
Since some days my Meizu MX4 is shutting down automaticly…
Every time the phone goes in sleeping modus it shuts down

I tried to re-install flyme and did already do a factory reset… but nothing helps…

What can I do about this??

Problem 2
Since the update to flyme 4.5.5 A my sms that I sent are not being delivered . I can receive sms, but nobody receives mine…

Thnaks for your help

gr jos

Meizu MX4

First problem : there is an option to shutdown automatically the phone in Setting -> Accessibility -> Scheduled power on and off

Second problem : try in 2G only. Also, what is the type of your firmware ? (A, I, C, Y or U ) ?

Hey Robin,

Thanks for the reply!!

I’m using the A version (Flyme 4.5.5A)

First problem:
I looked already into that, but that function was and is on off. But it keeps shutting down automaticly.

2nd problem,
I’ll give the 2G a try…

gr Jos


Since yesterday the phone doesn’t want to turn on again… :(

Provided that you’re able to turn it ON, the issue with SMS not being sent can be resolved by manually setting in the SMS Center Number in the SMS Setting.

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