Sync problems and notification LED

I have one thing to sort out…
When someone sends a whatsapp message to me it is possible that I simply dont get it for hours. Same with Emails. And all clock widgets do stop after a while… see screenshot
4.54 .4A
What app is responsible?
In my opinion I whitelisted everything…
Additionally the notification LED doesnt indicate whatsapp messages…

Thx for your helpS51001-113139.jpg

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@flowray said:

notification LE


the notification LED do not work in the flyme 4.5.4i and 4.5.4A , let´s hope that the problem will be solved in the next firmware, the M2 note is an very nice device but needs o lot of work in the firmware , the gsm 3g and 4g signal have problems too…

I think the security center is the culprit… it is not good in managing the background process… i removed the security center and it seems to improve quite a bit.

that is quite an issue… first of all i use this device for communication… :)
And a clock wich doesent work is annoying too!

@flowray did you remove the weather app? Apparently, the alarm clock shares certain libraries with this app which resulted the clock to malfunction if the weather app is removed.

Yes Weather app is removed :-(

Have to revise! Weather app is still on board… so thats not the reason :-(

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