English on the China version

Is it correct that the China version has English on it?
If it does apart from the price is the only advantage getting more updates (compared to HK version) or are there some other things like frequencies (I have to get the non Unicom model as I am in UK and Israel most of the time)

Usually the A firmwares support English, these can be loaded on all devices.


Frequency bands I am not sure about.

Many thanks for your reply but usually is not as helpful as I would like… Does any pro 5 user know 100% that English is in the A version (China phone not Unicom version), also does anyone know if 100% one can load Google Playstore on the 5PRO ???
Please remember the owner of this website said that Meizu policy is to make China phones Mandarin-only…and I want to order my 5PRo for Oct 12th but need to be sure.


@CJA i had a direct answer from Meizu Support that A firmwares will always have English and not gonna be removed… and no no one can be 100 % sure of that… and never will be… cause its a Chinese company with some stupid people in staff… so there is always a risk BUT… there are methods to add any Language you want into firmware.
now lets continue… there is no any Pro 5 User yet… as device not sold yet.

and i think owner of this site @AOKP meant that Meizu want that people who want lots of Languages would buy International version (that would cost a bit more of course )

and you can always ask your questions to Meizu support directly if you ready to consider them as 100 % truth.

I’d love to buy international version from their official store meizumart. The thing is they never have the newest devices on stock to this extend as chinese retailers…

Do someone know where to get one if living in europe? I just saw that it is for presale at gearbest.
Against a lot of others i have good experience with gearbest and personelly would not hesitate to buy one more time there. But due to the fact that it’s just in the chinese warehouse I expect taxes for goods at the boarder to europe? Can someone confirm that?
I bought a few things from the european warehouse which have been shipped from HongKong without taxes.

Do someone know another source?


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@fixedwheel Gearbest does not sell the International Version. They lie about it!

You can get it from amazon.fr meizumart.it and amazon.co.uk
Important is that it’s shipped and sold by amazon.

But be aware that the Meizu support isn’t good, or doesn’t exist. Think aboutit if you really want to spend 100€ more on the International Version for very little benefit.

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Hi All,
no, i don’t want the international version.
If i have the possibility i would buy a unicom mainland china edition direct in china. But i don’t have it.
So do someone have a proper source of a china-version of this phone which works in europe? When i remember right the China-Unicom version is a working and cheap(er than international) version!?

Thanks in advance.

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@fixedwheel Why would you go for the Unicom Model (M576U), it has limited bands. Go for the M576 over the M576U

I don’t think there are so many pages that sell this thing.

kimovil.com will help you to find a cheap shop, but I suggest you to wait a month (or two), for the prices to drop down. As of now the phone is hard to get.
http://www.kimovil.com/en/compare-smartphone-prices?search=meizu pro 5

Chines Phones work in Europe, if you get the M576 over the Unicom M576U, your chances of being compatible with your service provider are higher. Check the bands of the phone and what bands (frequencies) your provider uses at your location. But in general, most China phones don’t support Frequency 800 for 4G, what’s a bummer. However do a research on this and find it out.

If you never bought from China, please let me know and I will provide you with some basic information. Also be careful with Aliexpress, there are some shops that scam big time!

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I’m already using a MX4pro and bought it in China as a unicom-version because I red that this provider is (or maybe in the meanwhile was?) using most in Europe provided frequencies. Therefore I had the mentioned plan to buy my new Meizu in the same version.
Thanks for all the information’s.

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@fixedwheel That’s not an argument to buy the Unicom Version.

As the default version of the Pro 5: M576 has every frequency the Unicom Version: M576U has but more!
So simply said, the default normal M576 or International M576H has every frequency the phone is able to support and more than the branded Unicom.

But if it’s working for you, it’s great.

The prices just dropped again:
It’s down to 420€ now, I am sure it will continue to fall a bit more.

Edit: Meizu.it has it on pre-sale now. And the prices there are 470€ for the 32GB and 520€ for the 64GB… as you see the Chinese isn’t much cheaper right now, so wait until the International devices are released and the prices drop, or just wait and get an International device for the same price as you could get a Chinese, if it doesn’t change.


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