serious problem with overheating

hello to all
i actually have overheating problems with my mx4 pro chinese version
ok so after 7 months my battery drain to fast and motherboard gets too hot so i decaded to change it
i bought new and replace it but again battery drains too too fast and i have overheating with cpu temperature about 72celcious
please can someone help me with this?
thank you to all
after that


re flash firmware… and please… do tell EVERY time with EVERY problem you have… what firmware you running… some firmware glitch while flashing easy can make some heat problems for your phone.

you mean reflash with ota?or recovery via
i am at 5.0.1 lollipop now

and beacuse i have chinese version where to get the best firmware ?can i have a link?thank you again


reflash via recovery to be sure… and download… well you can download from here… or official meizu website…

2 links… one from our server (this website)
other from official Meizu web (will be slow)

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really thank you im gonna try it!wish to get lucky

so i try it but without a luck
im really disappointed!
i reflash updates complete and flyme os said to me what the update was complete but again phones overheat!

and battery drops from 90 to 5 percent in about 3 minutes and when i try to take a photo with flash the mobile automatically switch off and to power it up i have to get the usb power source


hm… you can try to flash old version (old = not lollipop) just to see how it will be on that firmware… but you will have to clear data to do that

after that im gonna be out of ideas…

Install flyme 4.5.5A or 4.5.6A firmware with clear data, you can find it in this forums mx4 pro firmware section.
If the problem is still there after update, your battery might be dead since you said your phone is 7 months old, you can get replacement battery for about 15~€.

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ok finally i install with clear data and my phone stops overheating
but the battery at cpu-z app say good condition
but again the battery drains realy too fast and take hours too charge
you think i need to buy a new battery?thank you

someone please…i really need help with this…

@Stefanos-Anestis contact meizu team via fb or email.


@err0r said:

@Stefanos-Anestis contact meizu team via fb or email.

Non sense - they will do most likely nothing.

@Stefanos-Anestis , did you ever tried to “calibrate” the controller?
Simply use the phone till it is dead and I mean really dead - so it does not turn on anymore.
Then charge it non-stop to 100%.

Repeat this process a few times.

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