Can't set screen password

Whenever I hit the switch in settings to enable a screen password the phone kicks me from settings. As of right now, I can’t set any kind of security for my phone.


You checked the Q&A guidline?
Give us more details?
Has it always been like this?
Which firmware?

I’m currently updating the firmware by downloading Version: Flyme OS 4.5.4I from the website. I just got it and I am trying to get it set up. So far the only I can’t do is set a password. Current version is 4.5.2U. Hopefully the update should fix it up. Currently there isn’t even an upgrade app on the phone so I am doing manually from the website.

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Well, you got a Chinese device, so you cannot install the I International firmware on your phone easily. You have to take a look for the A firmwares.

If you really want I firmware, you have to check the General Chat. This is an unofficial route, but it works.

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Where exactly to find the A firmwares?

@Kokkie said:

Well the download isn’t working at all. Is there another way to do this? I feel like it shouldn’t be this difficult. I can get on the Chinese website (I can read Chinese so this isn’t an issue) but there doesn’t seem to be any files and when I download it the download gets to 100 kb or so then stops says its completed.

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@Kokkie I’m sorry but I can’t seem to get the phone to recognize the firmware. It just says it’s not found when I go into the upgrade function. Do you have any ideas? I can’t information online at all. Also, do you have any idea why there is no “upgrade” application in tools? It seems strange that it doesn’t exist.

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Well, I guess why: if you boot into recovery, you have to connect the phone to the pc. A special folder arises in which you have to place the firmware. If you just put on the phone, it cannot find it.

Second option with phone normally on, move it to the device and go into folder manager, hit the update file and it will ask to update.

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