Flyme OS test firmware (MX5)


  • Filters: combined into a new version of the filter.
  • GIF: GIF optimization mode, continuous focus, enhance picture quality Gif.
  • Manual mode: Manual mode optimized labeling.
  • Interface: Update HDR camera icon and voice.


  • Backup: Backup silent switch is enabled by default, in the gallery - can be set to turn itself off.
  • Start: Cold start time optimization library.
  • Scan code: optimized scan code mode interface effects.
  • Animation: increase the list of folders animated slide Collapse.


  • Mail editor: New Mail screen, click Accessories blank area, position the cursor directly to the text editing area.
  • Dynamic menu: Dynamic display the menu bar when the new dynamic menu interface slide in the theme list.

Mobile butler

  • Ultimate power: ultimate power optimization interface.


  • Dialpad switch: to enter the phone - setting, open “dial pad input switching,” in the dialpad click on the lower left corner of the keyboard
  • symbol to switch T9 and full keyboard dialpad dialpad.


  • Pull-down gesture: Optimizing the drop-down notification bar gesture triggers range.
  • Status Bar: optimization take time status bar color.


  • Vibration sense switch: to enter the input settings screen, select whether to open the key vibration.


  • Equalizer: EQ increase click Animation.

Game Center

  • Micro-channel sharing: sharing style micro-channel optimization.
  • Package Center: center optimization package list style.
  • My game: optimize my interface - my game unfold logic.
  • Events: Events page to add some abnormal tips.


  • Notification: Permanent cancellation notification bar notification, slide cancel.
  • New Event: When creating a new event on the default pop-up keyboard.

Application Center

  • Micro-channel sharing: sharing style micro-channel optimization.
  • Animation: animation part optimization scenarios.

Topic landscaping

  • Topic: Update Topic preview UI.
  • Animation: Optimize animation effects when using themes.

Power Wizard

  • Interface: Increase bomb box prompts password error.



Next Release: 13th of October.

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the title says :D its 29 today :d
as usual,thank you very much for posting these.


@SeaMoose said:

the title says :D its 29 today :d
as usual,thank you very much for posting these.

Ups, I was sleeping with open eyes :wink:

@AOKP this is great , thank you very much, however, is there any way to hsve root access?

to enable root access log in to ur flyme acc and then go to fingerprint menu and u can enable it

Did anyone install this firmware yet ? Any opinions ? Would be greatly appreciated.

I installed it and i got no major issues using it. seems that my mobile data(telekom) moves faster now,not sure if better signal or the fact that i cleaned my phone but yeah.
one issue is that sometimes the fingerprint sensor will reject my print several times then accept it (the flyme 4.5 never did that,once max) ; the new task manager thing is super in beta,it doesnt close the last panel(app) and you gotta go to the homescreen if you want to close it.
There is a new app named feedback that I started using quite a lot despite it being in chinese,good thing is that it has picutes and i submitted most of the bugs that ive encountered there.
Also touch screen seems to be hit and miss some of the times.(nothing major)

can you clarify that this China-bought phone has English as a language?

did someone manage to set google now launcher as default launcher?

can i flash it on mx5 international version?

Is it locked to chinese version? I keep getting “Firmware corrupted” message when i try to install it.

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