Flyme OS 4.5.6 stable (MX4 Pro)

Downgrades from this version need to have “Clear Data” enabled.


  • Optimization: daily use, the system serious problems Caton.
  • Fix: Open automatically adjust the brightness light-sensitive insensitive question.
  • Fix: automatic light perceived brightness in the same environment is higher than some of the previous issues.


  • Baseband: Updating Baseband, repair even now can not access other issues.
  • FIX: part number can not be detected Flyme online communication problems.

Security center

  • Optimization: Dropzone permissions set to off by default, also the desktop a clean space.
  • FIX: Missing NFC power saving mode and wake-related functions voice off option problems.
  • Fix: Traffic Management page, traffic white ball, you can not see the traffic information issues.


  • Optimization: Animation Caton at the end of the task in the task bar problem.
  • Optimization: Long press the desktop space is not smooth animation problem.
  • Fix: Click on the notification bar in the middle position, the pull-down status bar appears at the top of the interface card problem.
  • Repair: Before lock screen on the desktop directly into the application interface problem after unlock.


  • Optimization: horizontal screen when browsing the web, enter the setup interface, window animation is not smooth problems.
  • Fix: Under Browser night mode is displayed as a white problem in Baidu input box to bring up the input method.


  • FIX: slide up and down the list of events, the slide in the process of problem Caton.


  • Fix: Under WLAN hotspot environment less, you can not connect a portable hot issues normal phone sharing.
  • Repair: WLAN hotspots search less than 5G band, WLAN return to normal after the restart problem.


  • FIX: knowledge song songs repeatedly interface Click Start / Pause, music flash back problems.
  • Repair: Online enters the music list covers the problem of slow loading.


  • FIX: Slow motion video screen Huaping sporadic problems.


  • FIX: locked area of ​​third-party applications to see the directory structure, and can open the file-locking issue.


  • Fix: Preview dimensional code image gallery flash back problems.

Flyme 4.5.6A
Flyme 4.5.6I

Flyme 4.5.6A
Flyme 4.5.6I

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can i upgrade to this version from 4.5.5I ?
ummm are there any english language on A version ?


@Angga-Ardani said:

can i upgrade to this version from 4.5.5I ?
ummm are there any english language on A version ?

yes you can.
yes there is English Language.

Does anyone if there is the Greek inside. And the wake up issue is solved? I am on it needs clear data for upgrade?

Hi, still not available the turn off screen by swiping up the home button? I wonder why, it was a good option instead of hard pressing the button…

Also, in my case it seems the phone still doesn’t recognise 5g wifi and the connection works ok (other phone sees it).

Any news about the mouch awaited Flyme 5 for ours MX4 Pro? 😁

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@MGVossos No greek language, only the usual Chinese (3 types), english, german, french and portuguese

Yeap, and no hifi in other players

Hi, I called the bank. so connect to the customer service representative said press 3 . I press 3 but no key does not work. but anotherone called, it works. what am i do? can you help? (I tried to download other call apps. but the result is negative.)

will mx4 pro have flyme 5 ?

@AOKP i didnt mean to offend anyone, i dont mind waiting.

How about bugs in this release? Im about to get a phone on the cheap …Works for daily?


@gooner I also didn’t understand your topic as an offense :D
Well, the feedback is divided. Some say it is the best release others say Flyme 4.5.5 is.
So basically all what you can do is trying.

Is there a czech language ?

@Latstyle said:

4.5.7A Closed Test

is it only for betatesters or did you try it?

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