Flyme OS 4.5.6 stable (MX4)

Downgrades from this version require “Clear Data” to be enabled.


  • Fix: automatic light perceived brightness in the same environment is higher than some of the previous issues.


  • FIX: part number can not be detected Flyme online communication problems.

Security center

  • Optimization: Dropzone permissions set to off by default, also the desktop a clean space.
  • Fix: Smart Align wake of problems can not be closed.


  • Optimization: Animation Caton at the end of the task in the task bar problem.
  • Optimization: Long press the desktop space is not smooth animation problem.
  • Fix: Click on the notification bar in the middle position, the pull-down status bar appears at the top of the interface card problem.
  • Repair: Before lock screen on the desktop directly into the application interface problem after unlock.


  • Optimization: horizontal screen when browsing the web, enter the setup interface, window animation is not smooth problems.
  • Fix: Under Browser night mode is displayed as a white problem in Baidu input box to bring up the input method.


  • FIX: slide up and down the list of events, the slide in the process of problem Caton.


  • Fix: Under WLAN hotspot environment less, you can not connect a portable hot issues normal phone sharing.
  • Repair: WLAN hotspots search less than 5G band, WLAN return to normal after the restart problem.


  • FIX: knowledge song songs repeatedly interface Click Start / Pause, music flash back problems.
  • Repair: Online enters the music list covers the problem of slow loading.


  • FIX: Slow motion video screen Huaping sporadic problems.


  • FIX: locked area of ​​third-party applications to see the directory structure, and can open the file-locking issue.


  • Fix: Preview dimensional code image gallery flash back problems.

Flyme 4.5.6A
Flyme 4.5.6I

Flyme 4.5.6A
Flyme 4.5.6I

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i just saw under the mx5 software that the mx5 got awesome features such as floating notifications, lockscreen notifications splitscreen and so on…do you believe that we will also see those things on the mi4?

i was thinking of saving and going for a xiaomi device with miui because i thought i’ll never see those on flyme…but seeing that gives me a bit of hope :)


For me personally all trust is gone into this brand.
My next devices won’t be a Meizu, not even in 50 years, even if I have to run around with a Nokia.

Hi there. May i ask you why? I understand that new firmware from meizu didn’t bring many big improvements over the Kit Kat versions, especially camera - a Big downside; but still don’t you think they’re going to fix all that in a future firmware releases? Respect and blessings…

First things first, a little offtopic but AOKP i just LOVE the new forum style, great job, i pretty much complained in a form some months back but you made it just right this time around.
NOW, on this fucked up rom release, FFS!!! CANT i get a rom that has no bugs on the first 10 damn minutes? Had major wifi issues with 4.5.5A AND 4.5.5I (cleared data on both tries nothing could fix it), this 4.5.6A thank god fixed my wifi but as soon as i set it all up (did a clear data again to be sure) my facebook messenger will not work corectly and i dont have any idea why. Reinstalled facebook and facebook messenger but it wont work corectly, i press to chat notifications and nothing happens,no bubbles at home screen nada. Too tired to do a 2nd clear data today though and too afraid that a second try wont fix the issue. If someone with 4.5.6A has messenger installed and it works perfectly just let me know to get my hopes up and reinstall this with clear again tommorow.

@sam28 Facebook bubbles work for me flawlessly

What i noticed (for me) aps dont hybernate anymore for some weird reason (stay in ram and at the same time they dont and reload but where you left off)

but now they just all stay in the RAM ~ makes me kinda happy

chat bubbles worked in all versions for me…did you enable auto start and stay in idle for those apps? in the security settings

but tweetings for twitter crashed even one day before the 5.6 update and now it works flawlessly.

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maybe its just mine i guess, i gave the permitions and all but its not the reason, it didnt work from the first run, il do a clear again

Installed the rom yesterday, I can say with my light use consumption of battery is a lot better or at last is seems so.
On the other side Camera have a problem with Flash, no matter Auto, Macro or Manual Mode, when flash is activated focus blur and the image come out always blurred and out of focus or if you’re able to get one decent photo out is over exposed, it’s like the power of the flash is blinding the camera sensor.
Tried to clear cache, data of camera app and tried other camera apps but always same result.
That’s bad!

Meizu Pro 6

@SIRKRA said:

On the other side Camera have a problem with Flash, no matter Auto, Macro or Manual Mode, when flash is activated focus blur and the image come out always blurred and out of focus or if you’re able to get one decent photo out is over exposed, it’s like the power of the flash is blinding the camera sensor.

Hmmm, I cannot reproduce this issue. When it comes to focusing, I don’t see any difference whether I use the flash or not.

As long as the focus has been acquired before pressing the shutter button then focus is just fine for me with and without flash.

Without flash no problem, then when flash is activated, I tap to focus and it’s ok but when pressing shutter button focus is retaken again automatically and I noticed with close object only is coming out always blurred like flash is blinding the sensor or is not able to focus in the same moment of flash

Meizu MX4

I have no camera issues, the consumption of battery seems better on standby, the antutu benchmark has a better score now (49xxx) .
(I have updated from with all test firmware steps up to 4.5.5 , 4.5.6 stable without any clearing data.)

This fw is based on lollipop 5.0.1 or 5.1?

‘clean data’ is mean factory reset or with format sd card too or both?and someone can teach me how to upgrade this firmware
-MX4 newbie user ╥﹏╥

How video recording resoliution in this update? 1920x1080 or 1920x1088?

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