Flyme OS 4.5.6 stable (m1 note)

Because the baseband downgrade could result in loss of charm blue note to any previous version after upgrade Flyme 4.5.6A can not downgrade to a previous stable version, please exercise caution!

The firmware does not support Telecom Edition.
Users on Android 4.4 are advised to clear data.


  • Fix: Even now, when playing the game gravity sensor failures.
  • FIX: enter when connecting Bluetooth devices to play music search application centers, concerts loud or silent problem.
  • Fix: automatic light sensor in the same environment as bright as some of the issues than before.


  • FIX: part number can not be detected Flyme online communication problems.
  • Repair: Flyme communication recognizes Unicom cards and mobile cards are unknown problems.

Security center

  • Optimization: Dropzone permissions set to off by default, also the desktop a clean space.
  • Fix: Smart Align wake of problems can not be closed.


  • Fix: After a call to return the desktop Caton occasional jump screen issue.
  • Fixed: notification bar now time even the wrong question.
  • FIX: Lock screen gesture wake-up delay at issue.


  • Optimization: horizontal screen when browsing the web, enter the setup interface, window animation is not smooth problems.
  • FIX: night mode is displayed as a white problem in Baidu input box to bring up the input method.


  • Repair: PC and third-party applications can see locking directory problem.

Application Center

  • FIX: warns of insufficient storage space, the installation fails problems when installing applications Evernote.

Flyme 4.5.6A
Flyme 4.5.6I

Flyme 4.5.6A
Flyme 4.5.6I

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Hi. Is Microsoft OneNote app working with this firmware version?

Where are the international versions of lollipop? I’m really getting disappointed with Meizu’s OS support… It’s almost september and there is still nothing…

Why you dont flash this version?there is no big difference between international and chinese version.only the languges are missing.

So in order for a costumer to get the new OS he needs to check some forums every day, read instructions on how to install it and so on?There is nothing on the official Flyme page. I wrote an email to Meizu support and they replied that they have no idea when any kind of lollipop will be available for m1 note. This for me is pure lame … I don’t have much of a problem on reading forums and going though technical problems for installations and so on but the everyday user sees only lack of support. I was having the impression that Meizu is not a small company and are trying to be a bit different with there OS and everything…

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meizu sucks,thats all ,i will never again buy meizu

@AC123 OneNote still doesn’t work, but in the other hand Evernote works and details in documents app doesn’t crash anymore. That’s what I discovered for now


@illusive maybe you want to read the second part of “The Lie” on our front page. Meizu has the potential, but the management wastes it.

The firmwares I am sharing on Meizufans are ONLY official firmwares. You can find them on

I have Flyme OS
How can I install this update without bricking my phone?
Dose this version comes with English system language?
Thank you! :)

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@jakov said:

I have Flyme OS
How can I install this update without bricking my phone?
Dose this version comes with English system language?
Thank you! :)

Yep it does. The A firmware will never lack english.
Check our F.A.Q. for detailed update instructions:

A little bit OffTopic, but is there a way (tweak or app) to set “Network Mode” to “Strongest Signal”? I.e. in case if i don’t care of internet speed, but rather would like to increase one-charge-working-time and still having Internet (for WhatsUp, Email) enabled? As the strongest is signal, the less is battery consuption…

@AOKP In regards to “I” version. Seems like a lot of other Meizu phones received updated “I” firmwares in September. This leaves hope that “I” version for M1 Note is also comming soon. Let’s think positive :)

What does it mean that this version doesn’t support Telecom Edition? I’m italian and I’ve just installed 4.5.5 stable, global version. I would get this new build but Telecom is the name of the main communications company here in my country, I don’t want to go in troubles with my new phone.

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