Flyme OS 4.5.6 stable (MX3)


  • Optimization: part of the system application startup time.

Security center

  • Optimization: Dropzone permissions set to off by default, also the desktop a clean space.
  • FIX: standby power consumption management slide list screen, switch status will change problem.


  • Optimization: Animation Caton at the end of the task in the task bar problem.
  • Optimization: Expand / Collapse animation Caton problem when desktop folder.
  • Optimization: Long press the desktop space is not smooth animation problem.
  • FIX: In the guest mode automatically after quenching screen immediately press the power button bright screen, direct access to the master mode problem.


  • FIX: Unable to successfully send a long message problem.


  • Optimization: horizontal screen when browsing the web, enter the setup interface, window animation is not smooth problems.


  • Optimization: slide up and down to individual messages when problems arise Caton.
  • FIX: Can not open the mail application problem.


  • FIX: knowledge song songs repeatedly interface Click Start / Pause, music flash back problems.
  • Repair: the music stops running problems when playing local music.


  • Fix: Preview dimensional code image gallery flash back problems.


  • Repair: PC and third-party applications can see the lock problem directory.

Flyme 4.5.6A

Flyme 4.5.6A

Note: Downgrades require data to be cleared!

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so far it feels good, no problem for me… Some app are still shown as uncompatible in google play store…


I switched back to Flyme 3 and will stay there once for all. Nothing else works better than that on the MX3.

I will try this one for a bit and if i get annoyed I wil go back to Flyme 3 too.

I did as Aokp. I am getting tired to try new releases with no added value and too much bugs. Though, if flyme 5 arrives, I might me more curious ;)

Beside that, 4.5.6 is a good release, quite smooth but no real changes from 4.5.5 and the disturbing bugs remain.

Funny stuff: in french, in the notification toggle, I can chose between 2g, 3g and 4g(sic! A trace of port from mx4?!) :s and none of the choices is fonctionning correctly. On flyme 3 the switch with 3g and 2g functions, and I use it everyday (I stay in 2g most of the time just to get my mails and to get better battery life). Like you Antonin, I find that too much apps are not compatible on the playstore, whereas they totally work when installing manually…

Flyme team should take care of that kind of issues instead of making minor releases with no great interest.

Not sure, if flyme 5 is coming to mx3 but hopefully yes ;)
From me 2G/3G switch is working perfectly, just like on flyme 3.
But yeah i dont think i will get very good battery life, we will se after few days.
Also i bought device for about 150€ and i still kinda love it :D

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Installed it, we will see how it works…

Sure! I’ve bought it 200 euros in february (16gb) version and it was the best bang for buck at that time.
I think for a 8 mpx the camera is great, and the cpu is quite powerfull, even for psp/ nds emulation

Is this worth it?
Any improvements over

you get tinted statusbar an maybe some other little changes, it also seems little but more responsive to me… but its just my opinion, havent found any bug yet

And version International ? (i) ? Im from Czrech rep. :-)

@Pavel-Oberfalzer I am from czech too :D i have no idea where is I versiosn happening… I dont mind english tho ;)

@Pavel-Oberfalzer No more international releases.

I have, that should be “stable”, but when i go to “update icon” don’t notify me the updato to 4.5.6A.

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Well, that’s Meizu, we don know why. You just have to update manually. From 4.5 on you will get OTA again.

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