When can we get Flyme os 5 beta?

Hi everybody! Anybody knows when the flyme 5 beta will be available for our phone?thanks

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Yesterday i sent mail to the Meizu support and asked them about OS 5.0 for Meizu m2 Note. They say they don’t have information about that right now, and we have to be patient and follow the news. I hope the Flyme 5 isn’t only dedicated for the flagships. :confused:

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ok, I understand it for a final release, but not for a beta, or a closed beta. If it is available for the mx5, why not for all the other meizu devices, at least for the new ones?


@sball04 to be honest it is normal. You cannot (at least from my viewpoint) expect a release so fast for these devices. However, the MX4-Series should get their beta within 1 month though.

About the m and m2-series in specific:
Well, only Meizu knows, they didn’t even dared to release an international firmware based on Lollipop for the m1 note.

@AOKP it looks like the samsung software update policy, updating their flagships first. It´s ok, we´ll have to wait our turn, when it comes. Thanks.

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