Can't Upload Video in Instagram
Meizu m2 note

someone have a problem like me?
Can’t Upload Video in Instagram from Gallery. Only get notification “There was issue importing video, please try again”

And I can’t share Location in aplication “LINE”.
maybe someone can help about this problem.

  • my device m2 note
  • I use firmware 4.5.4A

Thank’s before.

I have the same issue, did you manage to resolve it?

same here… anyone has a solution please?!!

same here. Flyme 4.5.4I :(

Nope not working for me either have search tirelessly for solution cants seem to find one. Might change back to my Sony phone

i have the same problem! i don’t know what to do

I have same problem like you, I try to looking a solve but is useless. But right now I know why instagram can’t upload video and says that there’s an issue importing my video and try again, it because instagram and your smartphone version doesn’t support, so you have to change the instagram to low version, for example version 5.0.5. I’ve tried it and it worked


An issue of Flyme, been like that forever (surprise…). I fixed it by installing the Chinese firmware on my International device back in the days. Also some older version worked okay with video.

Update your firmware to fyme OS I/A… And problem solved

@elhaha1001 What if you’re using a phone emulator? IE: Bluestacks

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