Problem with music player


I bought my phone yesterday second handed from a guy who bought it in china.
I did factory reset and Installed the 4.5.5a version from the firmware section on this site.

My main reason for buying this phone, was to play high quality music (flac, etc…).
The main “Music” app is non understanable as it is in chinese.

I tried using VLC player but every time I play music with it and press the home button, the music stops playing in my earphones and start using the speaker of the phone. When I open the app again, it returns to my earphones.

After this I tried using Google Play Music app. It worked fine and kept playing even when I pressed the Home Button, but each time I open another app (like Chrome, Whatsapp or even just the menu), the music stop for a second and then returns.

Did someone else encountered those problems and know how to solve them or otherwise have a good music player which works fine and can play .flac files?

Thank you,

Install ‘cloudskipper’ from play market. Great player, no issues.

Thank you, I tried using it and it had the same problem and then I realised that maybe it’s connected to the Google Now Launcher I’m using. I switched to the Flyme launcher and it worked fine…

Do you know what to do? Can I continue using the Google Now launcher and fix this problem?

Not sure, I use the Flyme launcher & everything works as it should. Maybe there are options through settings that change what happens with the music player but from what you are saying, it would seem more than likely the Google launcher is causing the problem.

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