MX4 in continuous bootloop, please help?

I tell my problem with the Meizu MX4, first of all I say that I do not understand anything mobile, root, and I am very careful not to touch anything mobile. I bought it in Aliexpress, in November 2014 by the good reviews it had received and smoothly

I’ve been working ok until August 2015 with the same firmware that came, the issue is that the mobile started to do weird stuff, being on a table without using sounded as if the camera did photos, so look as updating and I upgraded from the mobile application, starting to download a new firmware and when he had copied nearly 400 Mb, skip the message corrupt firmware, there began my ordeal, since it is in a bootlop mode.

The meizu that I have is the M460, the problem is that when i try to upgrade, don´t see what firmware version I had installed, I download several versions of all firmware, A, I, C, U, even the Y, the oldest and the newest and nothing, whenever I go into recovery mode with vol + and power, I enter the and give update with and without clear data, I get the same message, FIRMWARE CORRUPT. If I press vol - and I get power in FASTBOOT bottom of the screen, but do not go there.

I don´t know what to do, because I have tried all the firmwares that I said, my last option is the specialized forums to see if anyone helps me.

I would avoid sending it to China, since the store where you buy apparently no longer works with Meizu and not know how to apply the guarantee, I have fear of never seeing the Meizu,


You will most likely not get any warranty anyway.

So if I got your story right you tried to install a firmware and it aborted, right?

Yes i think like you, I will not give response to the warranty. .
Yes i tried to install A, I, U, C firmware from the phone but when starts to upgrade, suddenly appears firmware corrupt message

I Turn on the phone, the screen goes black with the word meizu white, then white screen and logo flyme turning goes down, then stops and the screen off and back again.

Good afternoon, everyone.
Almost desperate seeing that my Meizu MX4 would end in a drawer because don´t want send it to China,
With the lack of which was the version of firmware, probably i had the U, because it came without google play and Chinese apps.
Seeing tips forums, try to put the 4.5.5A, and gave me hope, it looked like it was going to upgrade, since stripe upgrading nearly the end, when it came the message CORRUPT FIRMWARE.
That is why I try following another tip with the version it seems that usually works, and what if it did, the process was done correctly and upgrading my Meizu MX4 has returned to life, I almost skipped tears after one month with the phone off.
From here I send my sincere thanks to those who have read me / helped.


Great to see you were able to found a solution!

Would have been a shame to send it back. :relaxed:

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