MEIZU M1 Note factory reset doesn't work. (No Recovery) but boots normally to Flyme

Hi all, can somebody help me with my M1 Note 4.5.3a factory reset + format disk + clear user data doesn’t work, the phone restarts and boots to flyme without performing factory reset. Power Button + Vol Up doesn’t work either even if the is already on the M1 storage, i don’t have SUPERSU binary installed so its not rooted even if the system privilege is already open, Help me please

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Is there a way to restore the recovery? The phone boots fine, but if I tried to press Power + Volume Up and then the MEIZU logo appears, it stocks there for about 20 secs, then the phone restarts itself and boots Flyme OS normally… same thing happens when I go to fastboot mode and fastboot recovery. as well as factory reset on settings, disk formatting doesn’t work too.


Nope, thats why it is called a hard brick.

What did you do with the device by the way?

My idiot friend said he attempted to flash custom recovery via Flashify without backing up the stock recovery and the IDIOT removed the SU Binary and uninstall the SUPERSU leaving the phone to have no root access at all even if the system privileges is open at flyme account. :(

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