ADB driver not working. How I can debug my android app on Meizu m1 note.

Someonebody please help me to install the driver for meizu m1 note. I downlaod the driver From but it’s show done nothing.

List of attached device still have nothing.

m1 note

You have download "android platform tools"
I you want to install drivers

  1. connect phone to computer,
  2. pull down status bar tap connected as media device,
  3. then select Built-in CD-ROM
  4. on computer you will get new window CD DRIVE - usb_driver
  5. install like any other driver on computer
    hope it was helpful :smiley:
Meizu MX4 Pro

i get an error if install the .inf file :( (im on windows 10)


@mx4pro I am a bit active at, it’s a forum that focuses on custom roms and unbricking all China Phones, but Meizu! As there isn’t much to do, as soon you prick your Meizu.

However what I wanted to say, I don’t think the drivers will work on Windows 10, most people in the named forum had trouble with adb drivers and Windows 10, it’s better to go down to Windows 7.
Anyway maybe it works for you, did you deactivate the driver certification requirement of WIndoof?

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Meizu MX4 Pro

i just have tried to connect my phone to a Windows 7 laptop (have admin rights) : I went to the cd drive and to the driver folder and then right click on the inf file and install… I get an error that the file is damaged … what about the driver certification ? what is that / how can I de activate it?


@mx4pro I have little experience with this, all I can do for you is guide you to, the people their wont help you with your Meizu, as everyone who is into Custom-Roms stays far far away from Flyme OS, but they know how to work with ADB drivers :D .

Here is a link, not everything that works for China-Phones will help you, but take out what you need.
There is a video in this link, that shows how to disable the driver enforcement.

If you have questions on how to get the adb drivers working, ask at the stated forum, those people there are experts at this, but keep in mind, they don’t like Meizu and have no experience with it.

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