Not Perfect

Indeed, all reviews and comments have been pretty negative on Meizu Pro 5. I was really hoping the “Not Perfect” phrase was just Meizu being humble :( Unfortunately, the feedback has been just that - a not-perfect Pro 5 phone from Meizu.

Personally, I think a screen of 5.5" is about as big as you would hold in your palm. But Pro 5 is at 5.7".

I have always liked Meizu, but it looks like it has lost its way in building well designed products. I have been using MX2 in parallel with OnePlus One. I think I’ll now move on to the 5" Xiaomi 4c.



@whytea I have the Xiaomi Mi4i and the Meizu MX5 right now. For my big hands the MX5 is actually more comfortable, because of the rounded shape. The Mi4i and Mi4c are just a square. So speaking about the design and quality I favor the 100$ more expensive MX5 over the Mi4i/Mi4c, but that’s quiet a lot of money.

Fully agree with you on the size 5.7 inch is too big. And the worst about the Meizu Pro 5 is the price, oppomart has the 64GB Versoin for 600$, that’s insane for a Meizu device. I would rather buy an Iphone for the same money (or a bit more). Anyway I am not willing to spent so much money on a phone, so I am not in their target group.
I don’t understand what kind of customers they target with the Meizu Pro 5, like they wont get Apple fans, they wont get stock Android fans. Who would want this phone for such a price?

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i compared size of my MX4 Pro and MX Pro 5… i must say… as i can see… it will have a strange shape and seems like will be uncomfortable for some people…

MX Pro 5 = 156,7 х 78 х 7,5 mm
MX4 Pro = 150.1 x 77 x 9 mm

and still… 2 early to look for a feedback… as no one have one… and i really looking forward to see those 2 phones side to side comparison (not hardware wise ofc… but design… ergonomics… and maybe Audio Chips / Camera / Screen quality comparison)

Which supports the LTE frequency PRO 5?

Hi @whytea . Can you please explain to me why you think the pro 5 is a not so good phone. Personally I’ve never used a phone from Meizu before. But I’m very tempted by this one. Right now I’m using a galaxy note 4 so the 5,7 screen size isn’t a concern for me. Can you please give me some link of reviews you have read because those I read were saying that the phone is quite good. Maybe I misunderstood the information you were trying to give. As I said earlier I’m really tempted by the pro 5 but I don’t want to be lured by the spec and end up with a phone that won’t work as expected.
Thank you.

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Just check some of the reviews from the launch event, additionally Meizu is not capable of doing at least one thing right as seen in “The Lie (Part 2/2)”.


Not Perfect”. That’s not how one sells a smartphone. Having a device slogan like this is plain stupid. It seems so fake-humble that it spontaneously awakens a negative vibe.

Let’s be honest - I’ve actually moved to a rival Xiaomi (Mi Note) daily-driver as well. A buggy Meizu device simply couldn’t do it anymore for me. However I am still curious on how their devices compare in the race of Chinese smartphones and I’m seeking for a PRO 5 to test it out. Of course I will make written and video review + unboxing as and especially if I am able to arrange myself one. And considering the criticism: Meizu devices have always got negative reviews since the MX. Back then there was not too much ground for them - at least in my eyes it was only whiny complaints about some ridiculous things. Inside my own mind I blamed the media for being wary and prejudiced towards Chinese products - I couldn’t figure out any other reason for the negative feedback. This time, however, Meizu started it all on their own.

The fact that Meizu reacted (with a “healthy” delay, of course :laughing:) by removing the slogan has a strong message within. No matter if it was made accidentally, on purpose as a joke or as a nasty trick attempt to show off with modesty - it’s a clear sign of something being wrong. Read: a plenty of "something".

Putting their politics aside and the conflict between Meizufans and Meizu itself, I personally think 5 Pro seems very good device. I am looking for one myself. As @samanen I was usung Xiaomi before and using it now as well (MiNote Pro as my daily driver), I don’t think 5,7’’ is too big. Specs wise it looks really good. If the battery life seems to be as good as the company claims - it could be the real flagship killer. Off course if they will put big pressure on quality control and work out decent sales model in Europe/US markets also.

Hi @Jefflow
I read a lot of Pro 5 reviews in Chinese. None of them was positive so far. I don’t have all the details on the top of my head, but the under-power CPU for the price range and the heating issue (almost consistent with all Meizu devices) are enough to put me off.

I have been using MX2 for a long while. I stuck with it to hope for a powerful Meizu machine to replace it. I was happy to see the specs of Pro 5. Then there were so many negative comments from the Chinese reviewers and giant 5.7" screen have made me change my mind.

Since you haven’t owned a Meizu phone before. I can tell you a bit about my experience with MX2.

  1. The firmware distribution has been poorly managed for international users. The official site usually lists only the firmware for China. I had to find some of them from a Russian site.
  2. There used to be a lot of issues with VoIP apps such as Skype. Apparently app like Skype was never tested.
  3. Battery calibration issue. From time to time, the calibration will just drift. For example, The 50% is actually 0%. The phone will stay longer at 100% and then shut down at 50%! But the battery will eventually “heal” itself.
  4. Over heating issue. If you have a long phone call, it’ll become too hot for your ear! An issue most commonly complained by Meizu phone users of all models.
  5. Luckily I read Chinese, so I can find solutions to all the little issues on the Chinese Websites. It must be difficult for international users who don’t read Chinese.


Do not trust Oppomart.
I buy two time from oppomart first time they sent me a new phone, second time a used phone, I sent back and they stole me 400 euro on refound.
“I’m sorry the packet arrived empty are you sure you put the phone inside?”
Come on!
I buy from aliexpress and pandawill, it never happen something like this.

A couple of days ago I managed to have a brief play around with a Pro 5 in a Meizu store here in China. It feels very substantial, although a little too light for my liking, the screen is gorgeous and it didn’t feel too unwieldy in the hand coming from my M2 Note. In my eyes it’s a decent upgrade over the MX4 Pro I reviewed earlier this year.

At around $425 (280GBP) it’s still not that cheap, but it’s certainly a lot cheaper than comparable offerings from Samsung, HTC and Apple.

I’ll be even more tempted to buy one when the price is slashed a little in a few months time.

@whytea Could you send some links to the reviews mentioned? What issues are observed in this model? I was using MX4 and was pretty happy with it.

Thank you for your answer @whytea

I think i will just wait for reviews when Meizu will start selling the phone and when they will launch FlyMe 5.0 . I really hope we will be surprised in a good way.

By the way, do you really think the Exynos 7420 is under-power? From what i have read it is supposed to be the best right now or one of the best, as Snapdragon 820 is not available yet…

@Jefflow said:

Exynos 7420

Exynos 7420 is the best available SOC at the moment apart from the one from Apple and SD820 - which is not released yet.

I’ve read all the comments and in my personal opinion I have this phone for about three days and the size is very good for me I have change from one plus 2 and it can strange but for me from 5.5 to 5.7 it’s not a big deal and I must say the performance between the OPO2 and the Pro 5 the Pro 5 is much faster because the OPO2 tend to have a little bit of lag (I have all the same apps on both phones) so I’m very pleased with the phone so if you like phones of 5.5 a phone of 5.7 it will not be a problem.


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