Sony Walkman App, quits

Hi there,

I’ve had my Meizu MX5 for around a month now and I love the phone, it’s incredible in every single aspect.

The only thing I don’t like about the phone is the default music player and that’s why I have installed a different music player (Walkman, from Sony phones). There is an issue with this, and it’s that when I’m playing music from Walkman, it stops like every 10 minutes. I have tried with different music players and I am experiencing the same issue, all of them stop every 10/15 minutes and I have to re-launch them to keep listening to music. It doesn’t happen with Flyme’s default music player so I am guessing uninstalling the default music player would fix the problem, but I have no idea of how to do it

Could someone please give me a hand explaining me how to uninstall it? There are also some default apps I would like to uninstall but I don’t know how


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@itsreakk Your guess doesn’t make sense at all :P , it’s 100% random. But you described the problem really nice, thanks for this.

Is your Walkman-App allowed to run in the background? It’s a power setting, to be found in the Security app.

Hi ultrametric,

Thanks for the fast answer. I think it was not allowed to run in the background. I have accessed the Security app, went to the power settings and added it. I am going to test it and will get back to you with the outcome :grin:


I’ve been playing music with Walkman on the background for like half an hour now and it hasn’t stopped, so I guess that was the issue , thanks a million ultrametric.

Could you please tell me how to get rid of the default applications such as game center, feedback or Life?


Meizu MX5

does the walkman original options works? or its just a player with no sony equalizer and other sound effects. please share the link of the apk u installed and method as well,

How did you install your Sony app on your MX5, on mine it fails??

Meizu MX5

it failed to install. installation starts but after few seconds its doesn’t say open/close instead its back to the start screen with install option.

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