Navigation Bar - How to remove stock and add original android bar

Hi everyone.
I am new in the forum. Is this days i have tried to remove the original navigation bar from flyme because i want to add another launcher instead of flyme launcher, in my cause the Nova Launcher. But the problem is that when i open the nova laucher the flyme navigation bar is always there with the back butom. I cant remove it. I am using the flyme 4.5.5A.

Someone can help me with that?

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go to settings and disable smartbar.

What @kramins said.

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@kramins Tanas. Itália Washington desativated thats why it does not desapear.

i’m using nova launcher too, and to disable flyme nav bar ( with only back key ) i got to settings and in some section there is hide smart bar ( its under with impresive status bar ). and there will no be flyme nav bar in nova launcher home screen or app draver.

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