Notifications on lockscreen

Hi all,

I Am new here and love my MX5 but I would like to get my notifications on screen when they arrive. Is it possible to do that?

Regards Fans!


The only way I did it was to install custom lock screen

hey, its in new Flyme 5 :D public beta should be realeased today.

@Naydero thanks maybe I will try this.

When i use finger scanner to unlock… it is making me mandatory to give screen password. I just want to use finger scanner to unlock the screen… how to overcome this…???

@Antonin-Srnsky can you upload some screenshot of the notifications heads and in lockscreen ?

@Antonin-Srnsky cool! installed the beta version and it Rocks already. Notifications are great. Battery lifetime is getting better. Only soms Chinese message popups from unknown sources can be little annoying. But if that’s everything… I sign for it.

hi @Naydero , which custom lock screen app did you add? or what exactly did you do? I love my new mx5 but this is driving me nuts :) :) thanks

It’s gone from Google, it’s here

Use . not dot as its blocked as spam otherwise.

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Fixed that.

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I also tried another way. Install the heads-up from Google play and allow it to show notifications on lock screen. Works great with the default meizu lock screen

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