Should I upgrade to a MX5 Pro from MX4 Pro

With the official news of MX5 Pro out, i’m thinking hard, should i upgrade ?
realistically there is only incremental improvements in terms of specs

More-more, I downgraded in terms of screen resolution. from QHD to FHD
Audio Aspects Hardware wise is the “same” they just updated the software …

what are your thoughts?

i really love my MX4 Pro (just the daily random reboot - i’m using the PRC OEM 4.4.4 - still no news of Lollipop)

Meizu MX4

If you really love MX4 Pro, don’t change it. Rather wait for the next model. Anyway; up to you:yum:

The random reboots were fixed in 4.5.4 or 4.5.5 . And regarding upgrade I would say it depends on you.

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